1. Scope

Success depends on agreeing a clearly defined scope and set of objectives .

We ensure clear, mutual agreement of the objectives before any work begins.

The objectives are defined, a problem statement is developed and an initial plan developed.

We will work with clients on this until everything is agreed so a detailed work programme can be built out.

2. Analyse

We conduct an analysis relevant to the challenge in question and develop key questions that need to be considered and resolved during the engagement.

Based on the challenges identified and a detailed plan, we provide an overview of the stakeholders that will be needed to support the work and the level of involvement that is likely to be necessary.

The analysis, key questions and a detailed plan is presented and agreed prior to the implementation / execution phase.

3. Implement / Execute

The agreed programme of work is implemented / executed by Keystone.

The material required to satisfy the agreed client requirements is developed in draft form first for review by the client where necessary.

Following review, revision and finalisation, the deliverables are presented for final client review and amendment.

The outputs are reviewed against the agreed objectives and all required amendments are made.

4. Complete

The final materials are provided to the client on the conclusion of the engagement.

For projects, we follow up after an agreed period of time and facilitate a meeting on lessons learned from the project or experience.