Commercial and digital strategy

We work with businesses to help them develop a clear commercial strategy and implementation plan that helps them transform their business outcomes. Our four step approach allows us to develop tailored strategies for our clients.

We also assist businesses with their digital transformation strategy and have a scaleable, step-by-step model that helps businesses make the move online.

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Procurement and sourcing

We work with businesses to help them improve the value they get from supplier relationships. Our strategic services can be scaled for a business of any size. We work with clients to help them see how they are investing their cash in their supplier relationships and in managing their suppliers.

We devise tailored solutions that improves the value obtained from suppliers and the value generated by employees.  Our problem-based sourcing process can be used to identify suppliers with innovative solutions that businesses would not be able to envisage on their own.

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Innovation Partnerships

Innovation partnerships apply where there is a need for the development of a product, service or public works where solutions available on the market are not capable of meeting the needs.

Keystone Procurement’s strategic services source the best solutions the market has to offer. We work with potential suppliers to improve and whittle down the proposed solutions until a preferred service provider is identified. We are the specialists in Innovation Partnerships in Ireland.

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Business growth, clustering and development

We work with businesses to source potential partners and help them put the structures and arrangements in place that allow them to achieve their shared goals. Our strategic services deliver business growth through cooperation.

We run contests (open and/or private) that link businesses seeking to expand their operations and/or start ups with investors that can help them achieve their goals in return for an equity stake.

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Tendering and bid management

We help organisations place business out to tender by supporting the design, development, and operation of a tender process. We also support tender writing and the evaluation of responses until a final outcome is determined. We also design, draft and produce professionally accomplished bid responses in response to requests for proposals (RFPs).

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Tender Training and Bid Training

We provide a range of tailored training and development options to enhance business’ skills and  capabilities. Through our bid review and commercial strategy development services, we provide one to one coaching and mentoring.

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Introducing Sluamor

Sluamor is dedicated to helping businesses grow sales, internationalise sales, identify and exploit joint venture opportunities, and access alternative sources of funding. We will be launching throughout 2017.  Our Sluamor Consortiums platform will go live in summer 2017, with Sluamor Investments and Sluamor Marketplace following soon after.