Business growth: a consortium or investment partnership

If a business wants to grow its operations, it can hire additional resources, work harder or acquire new skills to expand. Growth is challenging where funds become necessary to facilitate plans.

Businesses looking to fund growth typically look towards bank debt, government supports, crowdsourcing or investment from venture capital funds.

Many ordinary businesses are unnecessarily driven towards bank debt that can have potentially ruinous personal guarantees attached to them or towards giving up a significant amount of their equity in return for funding. State agencies are simply too slow responding to cash flow sensitive business cycles.

Keystone Procurement has developed two services that facilitate and drive business growth for businesses of any size. Like most of our services, we design our services around the needs of SMEs but they are scalable for businesses with ambitions to become large entities.

A consortium

Our consortium development service offers debt free growth. Businesses are asked to swap their risk appetite from a sensitivity to credit-related risk to one that accepts the risks that arise from working with others. Those committed to a consortium work with fellow partners to achieve growth without acquiring significant debt levels.

We work with businesses to source potential partners and help them put structures and arrangements in place that allow them to achieve their shared goals. Without taking the time to build the right kind of architecture around a consortium, they can be difficult to sustain – this is particularly true of any consortium that wants to win public procurement contests.

Investment partnership

Our investment partnership service has been developed to respond to very specific needs in the market that Keystone Procurement has identified.

Many business owners and investors are on the look out for business ideas or opportunities for investment. Some know what they want in their portfolio, others have a more speculative and open mind when it comes to investment opportunities.

Keystone Procurement runs contests (open and/or private) that link businesses seeking to expand their operations and/or start ups with investors that can help them achieve their goals in return for an equity stake.

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