Grow Your Business - Go-2-Tender for SMEs

Keystone Procurement co-delivers InterTradeIreland’s Go-2-Tender tender training for SMEs. Learn how to tender for public work. 2017 Dates & Registration.

Tender and Bid Management

We know that tender bid management requires preparation and focus to achieve success.

Keystone has successfully run sensitive and complex tendering processes for public and private sector organisations. We have successfully sourced and matched leading suppliers with buyers seeking the best the market has to offer. We outline further details on our tender management services in the procurement and sourcing section of this website.

Organisations looking to grow through bidding know it takes time, commitment and the correct approach to achieve success.  Before bidding, it is important to make sure that each opportunity under consideration is a good fit for the business. Planning is required to ensure the right people are available to complete the process by the deadline. Only then can a bid be prepared. Once written, a bid should be reviewed and edited to ensure it is compelling, tailored and professional.

We can support suppliers develop their bids. We produce bids that are tailored, insightful and focused on the contracting organisation’s needs:

  • Our experienced team can manage and run your bid bid, allowing your staff to focus on core activities.
  • You can use our expertise to address tenders with sensitive or complex elements such as outsourcing, regulatory compliance, or enterprise level IT systems.
  • We can design, draft and produce professionally accomplished bid responses in response to requests for proposals (RFPs) and requests for tenders (RFT).

For more information on how we can meet your tendering and bid management needs, please contact us at

Quick Guide to Tendering

Our ‘Quick Guide to Tendering’ is a five step process that businesses of any size can use to ensure that they obtain value for money. Our guide offers a quick practical way of obtaining most of the benefits of a more bureaucratic process for a relatively modest amount of time and effort.

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Public tenders: an overview