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Way back in the mists of time, also known as 2014, Ross and Donnacha identified an opportunity to work together in area that they both really enjoyed, procurement. They noticed two clear problems in the market:

  • Buyers struggled to get what they need from the market, and
  • Suppliers struggled to respond effectively and successfully to tenders.

From this observation, Keystone Procurement was born. Ross and Donnacha have worked since 2014 with thousands of businesses and buying organisations helping them to sell into tenders or buy from the market.

Ross McCarthy

Managing Director

Ross oversees the development and growth of the business overall. He has worked in consultancy for 20 years across a vast range of public, private, and not for profit organisations. He leads procurement advice in several areas including procurement strategy and sourcing.

Ross also actively oversees the delivery of core tender management services across all sectors. He trains public sectors buyers on a regular basis and trains suppliers on bid management also. Away from work his interests include family time, music and reading.

A project he really enjoyed was advising on the selection of Agri-Environmental EIP projects in Ireland. He has undertaken several projects in this area which directly links to farm payment schemes and sustainable farming.

Donnacha Phelan

Director of Programmes

Donnacha oversees general procurement in several industries including facilities management, utilities, and technology. Donnacha has worked in professional services as a consultant for over 15 years and was a post graduate researcher in AI and computer science prior to this. Donnacha oversees internal operations and works with our wider team on client projects.

Donnacha is at his happiest when he is solving problems and leading the delivery of solutions. Away from work, his interests include sport, travel, and brewing beer.

A project he really enjoyed was the development of an approach to cloud-based SaaS procurement for a State Agency. A novel approach was required because this is a new and emerging area with little by way of established practice.

Mission Statement

At Keystone Procurement, we specialize in procurement and bid management.

We provide expert support and training to buyers and suppliers alike, and we believe that every business deserves access to expert advice – not just large corporations with deep pockets. That’s why we make our strategic services easily accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) too!