Strategy, tender & bid management, procurement and consortiums.

What We Do

We work with businesses of all sizes to drive business growth and innovation.  We provide a range of creative strategic solutions that address business growth and innovation needs.

Our services include commercial and digital strategy, tender management, bid management, public procurement advice, the use of outcome-based tendering to source market leading solutions and the development of partnerships that deliver business growth through a consortium or investment relationship.

We also offer procurement training and development services.

A structured approach is used for all services.

How We Do It

Our approach is modular and scalable for businesses of any size. All of our projects are designed around our clients and are aimed at achieving their business growth and innovation objectives.

We use a structured approach across all our services to ensure clients receive a consistent experience during engagements. Our approach provides a logical flow on engagements from the identification of the objectives to their delivery at the end of an engagement. The approach acts as a framework for all our work.

The process of applying the approach changes depending on the client, the industry sector and the nature of the engagement.

SMEs benefit from the insight and expertise that larger organisations can avail of because of our approach.

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Keystone Procurement works with clients in a flexible, adaptable manner that is appropriate to their size and business needs. Client SMEs benefit from the insight and expertise that larger organisations can avail of because of our approach and our SME focused business model.

Keystone Procurement provides SMEs with access to specialist knowledge and insight for their commercial activities. Our services are specifically focused on driving business growth and innovation and use market leading concepts, methods and techniques to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

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