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Mastering Tender and Bid Management

Aimed at businesses that want a programme tailored to their needs.

On this programme, we work with your teams to help them improve their skills in tender management. We also look at topics from prospect identification and positioning to tender development and execution.

Minimum group size: 4 people.

Mastering Negotiations and Contract Management

Aimed at organisations of all sizes that need to negotiate with other parties.

Our practical, focused programme develops core knowledge in negotiations and provides your team with all the tools they need to be able to plan and prepare for different negotiation contexts – whether they are principle based or position based scenarios. This programme is flexible and we have versions for companies seeking to improve their dealings with suppliers (buy-side) as well as suppliers seeking to improve their dealings with customers (supply-side).

Minimum group size: 4 people.

Commercial Presentations and Pitching Pitstop

Aimed at businesses that are required to make presentations or pitches when bidding for new work.

We will ensure that your presentation is focused and professional. Working with buyers and we often see companies miss the mark because they don’t understand what the buyer is looking for. We help businesses keep their proposition focused on the commercially compelling drivers – their “why us”. We also help with funding pitches. This is often time sensitive, but we can move quickly to help you.

No minimum group size but we only work with one organisation on an opportunity.

Funding Applications

Aimed at organisations seeking funding for their projects.

We help organisations of all kinds (public, private and voluntary) prepare funding applications. This includes:

  • LEADER style applications;
  • grant applications (academic); and,
  • funding applications to trusts, venture capital funds or funded programmes operated by the European Union.

We help organisations understand the opportunity for their project and how to present it in a way that maximises their chances of getting funded.

No minimum group size but we only work with one organisation on an opportunity.

Procurement Training via Bid Reviews

We provide bespoke training & development programmes for buyers.

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Win More Contracts

When suppliers bid indiscriminately, it can be damaging for morale. It can also impact profitability and damage the reputation of the business. For companies looking to improve their contract win rate, bid reviews can help to pinpoint improvements. They can also significantly increase the ability of suppliers to write winning tenders.

We also find that there are benefits when we complete bid reviews with suppliers prior submitting a tender. Sales teams are given the opportunity to either abandon or quickly convert a bid with a lower chance of success into one that is a strong contender. Knowing when not to bid is a key skill.

Fix Bid Deficiencies Quickly

The Keystone Procurement team has extensive experience in selling to, and procuring on behalf of, organisations in the public and private sectors. As part of our procurement training services, we provide comprehensive bid review services. We bring both the buyer and seller perspectives to our clients.

For bid reviews prior to tender submission, we can support suppliers throughout the key stages of the bid preparation process  or undertake a pre-submission review towards the end of their development process. Our Keystone Procurement consultants provide feedback to suppliers on any deficiencies found in their tender documents. As a result, they have the chance to quickly rectify their bids prior to submission of their proposals.

More specifically, we can provide practical training and advice to suppliers to ensure that they address all the buyer’s requirements, successfully convey their company’s value proposition and unique selling points, and provide a compelling and easy to read proposal.

Optimise the Bid Management Process

We also work with suppliers to review the outcomes of tenders and optimise the bid management process for  future success. We assess previous  bids and/or review the entire bid management process. Our approach ensures alignment between bid management best practices and your business needs.


We also provide one-on-one mentoring to buyers and suppliers on request.

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Write Better Bids

One of the best ways for suppliers of goods and services to grow sales is to understand how best to frame their response after receiving an invitation to tender from a private or public sector organisation. Better bids significantly improve the chance of  winning more contracts. This is especially true about public procurement contests which follow a formal, structured process. They have strict criteria for qualification and award, and are typically more complicated and difficult to understand. This principle forms the basis for our bid management and tender training programmes.

Understand Bid Management Best Practices

The Keystone Procurement bid management and tender training programmes have been developed to help  sales teams in all kinds of businesses – large or small. We enhance the delegates relevant skills and build their confidence so they can bid competitively for contracts with both private and public sector buyers. Our bid management and tender training programmes cover all the core principles that suppliers have to know in order to maximise their chances of winning more contracts.

Grow Your Business

The bid management and tender training that we provide to suppliers covers a wide range of topics:

  • developing a commercial strategy for building relationships with prospective customers;
  • developing a clear bid strategy;
  • writing winning tenders; and,
  • using consortiums to increase tendering opportunities and grow revenue.

Armed with the knowledge gained from our training, suppliers can significantly improve the quality of tender proposals they submit to buyers.

Get Value for Money

Contracting organisations want to ensure that their buyers are familiar with good procurement practices. As a result, they can obtain value for money from the market. The need for such procurement training is especially true when the buyer is from a public service body which has to navigate a minefield of public procurement rules.

Keystone Procurement can help buyers to understand and implement good procurement practices whether they are in the private or public sector. Poor purchasing can disrupt the aims and goals of an organisation. Also, they can be financially devastating.

The procurement training offered by our Keystone Procurement consultants is designed to help buyers to understand all aspects of the procurement process so that they can provide a more effective and efficient procurement service, write better requests for tenders, and deliver value for money. Our procurement training programmes also help buyers to understand and manage procurement risks while ensuring compliance with internal policy  in addition to laws and regulations.

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Some of Our Clients

Keystone Procurement is helping to drive interest in public sector tenders across the South East, Midlands and Western regions through our tender training and bid management training programmes. We deliver across a variety of procurement training programmes along with the mentoring services that SMEs can access via the Local Enterprise Office network and the IntertradeIreland Go2Tender procurement training programme.

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