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Say goodbye to wasted time on fruitless bids that lead nowhere.

Our guidance ensures your efforts are focused and professional. This maximises your chances of success.

You’ll effortlessly differentiate yourself from competitors and leave a lasting impression on buyers.

Furthermore, our approach allows you to strategically select the bids you are most likely to win, amplifying your overall success rate.

Don’t settle for mediocrity in the world of procurement.

Supplier training lessons include:

  • Introduction to formal/public procurement (RFTs, RFQs etc.)
  • Responding to formal tender processes (RFTs, RFQs etc.)
  • How to develop strong client references and case studies
  • How to develop strong CVs for use in tenders
  • How to develop strong methodologies
  • Building and developed a bid library
  • Mastering the bid / no-bid cycle
  • Advanced bid development techniques
  • Building and developing consortiums
  • Segmenting public procurement markets
  • How to challenge procurement decisions

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