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Develop the quality bids you need to win contracts with private and public sector buyers.

Our experienced bid team helps suppliers to write great tenders. However, what makes our experts so different is the fact that they also help buyers to define their requirements. As a result we know what buyers what from their suppliers.  In short, you can focus more on crafting tenders for contracts that you have a stronger chance of winning.  This means you can grow your business while saving precious time and money! Visit Bid Management to learn more.

Bid Management


Poor procurement practices lead to redundant purchases and a loss of precious time and money. They can cause conflicts between your staff and with suppliers as everyone debates who is at fault for bad contracts. As a result, buyers must adopt  good procurement practices to consistently get value for money.

Keystone Procurement works with private and public sector buyers to help them develop a clear procurement strategy for their business. As a result, they can transform and strengthen their procurement policies, procedures and systems. Visit Procurement Strategy to learn more.

Procurement Strategy


Are you a buyer looking to source goods and/or services?  If so, we can help you to design and run tender competitions.

Or maybe you have complex problems that need creative solutions? We help private and public sector organisations using traditional procurement approaches and innovation partnerships. Not only that, Keystone Procurement can work with you to improve the value you get from your suppliers. Visit Procurement Sourcing to learn more.

Procurement Sourcing
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The world of procurement is always changing. So, businesses need ways to stay ahead of the crowd.

At Keystone Procurement, we provide a range of tailored procurement training and mentoring to both buyers and suppliers. We deliver training courses, conduct bid reviews, and offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions. Our training enhances the skills and capabilities of procurement and sales teams alike. Visit Procurement Training to learn more.

Procurement Training


We help companies that want to grow through cooperation with others. We can also help you to find potential business partners for consortiums. Likewise, we can help you find investment partners. In addition, we will help you to build the structures and arrangements that will allow everyone to achieve their goals.

Our online platform,, offers businesses a powerful way to pitch ideas and make connections quickly. Visit Business Growth to learn more.

Business Growth




A practical approach to developing sustainable procurement

There are many factors driving the strong focus on sustainability. The Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Climate Change Treaties (e.g. Paris, Rio, Kyoto etc) drives it at an intergovernmental level. A second key influence is public procurement policies and practices, the VonderLeyen Commission has placed a…


We provide bid management, tender support and training.

We also provide strategic services designed to deliver business growth. In the past these services were only available to large companies or those with deep pockets. However, we make strategic advice easily accessible to SMEs.

We are procurement advisors to the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises (ISME) Association.

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