Use our Consortium or Investment Partnership service if you are an ambitious company looking to drive business growth by making business connections through consortiums or affordable financing options.

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Looking to Grow Your Business?

If you are an entrepreneur or business manager who has identified new ways to grow your business operations, you’ll be aiming to facilitate your new growth plans by growing your customer base by delivering more products and/services, obtaining additional staff or other resources, or acquiring new skills sets or the required market experience. It takes a lot of effort to achieve any one of these objectives, and for most businesses this will necessitate a need to find additional funding. As a result, the achievement of growth in businesses can prove somewhat challenging for most companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Businesses looking to fund their growth plans typically look towards bank loans, government supports, crowdsourcing or investment from venture capital fund. However, in practice, most ordinary businesses take the bank loan route which can have potentially ruinous personal guarantees attached to them. On the other hand, State Agencies are often far too slow in responding to funding applications to support urgent needs to feed cash flow sensitive business cycles. The final option for some businesses (though not all by any means), is to consider giving up a significant amount of their equity to venture capital providers in return for what can be modest levels of funding.

Think Big to Succeed?

Keystone Procurement has developed two services that facilitate and drive business growth for ambitious businesses who are keen to exploit their company’s accomplishments and expand. These services support any business, regardless of company size, location, and industry sector, who are looking to succeed by pushing their boundaries so that they can earn better profit margins. Our business growth services are especially attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who are looking to evolve from merely surviving to fulfilling their potential to become a formidable force in the market.

Form Alliances via Consortiums

Our consortium development service offers debt free growth. Businesses are asked to swap their risk appetite from a credit-related risk to one that accepts the risks that arise from working with other organisations. Those businesses committed toconsortiums can work with fellow partners to achieve growth without acquiring significant debt levels.

At Keystone Procurement, we work with businesses to source potential partners and help them in place the structures and arrangements needed to allow them to achieve their shared goals. Without taking the time to build the right kind of architecture around a consortium, they can be difficult to sustain, and this is particularly true of any consortium that wants to win public procurement contests. Companies can also use our online platform,, to share their business growth ideas if they are looking to form alliances with new business partners when targeting new markets or contracts. The use of consortiums is especially attractive to SMEs looking to meet the technical and procurement requirements needed to win valued government contracts from public sector organisations.

Contact us for more information on our consortium service. You can also check out our Sluamor website to learn more about what our Sluamor Consortiums product can offer you.

Sluamor Consortiums

Obtain Financing via Investment Partnerships

Our investment partnership service has been developed to connect business owners, who are looking for affordable and flexible financing, with investors who are constantly looking for opportunities to invest in new business ideas. Third party investment offers a range of opportunities to companies seeking to expand. As such, for those companies looking for an alternative to bank loans and loss of equity as a result of partnering with venture managers, making deals with other companies or high net worth individuals could be a compelling opportunity for them to meet their business growth objectives.

In using our investment partnership service, we can help your company to make connections from within our investor network of businesses and individuals, of which some will know what they want in their portfolio, while others will have a more speculative and open mind when it comes to investment opportunities.

Contact us for more information on our investment partnership service.

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Our subsidiary, Sluamor Limited, was developed to provide an online platform to help organisations in making business connections in order to facilitate business growth. At Keystone Procurement, we strongly believe that “together, we are more than the sum of all our parts”, and that principle has formed the basis for the development of

Our Consortiums platform is currently up and running, having been launched in October 2017. It is helping businesses to form alliances so that they can leverage the expertise and experiences of each other to win bigger and better contracts, target new markets locally and internationally, identify and exploit joint venture opportunities, and access alternative sources of funding.

Our Investments platform, for raising business capital by liaising with potential investment partners in our network, is currently under development.

A Business Growth Testimonial

What one of our customers has to say about our Business Growth services.

Working with the Keystone Procurement team opened our eyes to the opportunities available to small businesses that form consortium ventures. It is a fast and effective way to grow your business. The team offer flexible, practical support based on their extensive experience and their assistance was instrumental to our business growth plans.

Martin Canny BL
Director, National Solicitors Alliance


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