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We believe that SMEs can expand and compete through cooperative engagements like business consortiums and networks. It makes sense for businesses, particularly micro-businesses and small businesses in so many ways. That is why we are introducing sluamor.

In sluamor, we are developing a new platform for businesses that want to find business growth and revenue generating opportunities. We are currently working on the website, but sluamor will be dedicated to helping businesses grow sales, internationalise sales, identify and exploit joint venture opportunities, and access alternative sources of funding.

Sluamor will consist of three distinct components:

  • Consortiums: Designed for commercially minded companies willing to invest the time required to grow. We’ll help you to find business partners with the resources, skills, experience, geographic reach and financial requirements you need to win larger private and public sector contracts.
  • Investments: Designed to provide an online platform to match companies having great start-up or scale-up concepts with interested private or business investors looking to expand their investment portfolios. We’ll empower entrepreneurs in raising capital for their innovative ideas whether big or small.
  • Tenders: Designed for companies seeking to hire the best and keenest talent in the market, plus those looking for further opportunities to bid on and win new work in the private sector. You’ll be able to publish or respond to tenders online replicating the benefits of public procurement e-platforms but with less bureaucracy.

We will be launching these three elements of sluamor throughout 2017.  Our Sluamor Consortiums platform will go live in summer 2017, with Sluamor Investments and Sluamor Marketplace following soon after. Follow @sluamor on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and news on our journey.

Don’t want to wait for our platforms to go online? Keystone Procurement already performs these services for our clients. Contact us to see how we can help you to grow your business and generate opportunities right now.