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Taking a planned approach to procurement can have big benefits across your organisation. Strategic procurement will support your business activities. It also helps you maximise value. We can help you to chart the way forward.

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The Impact of Poor Procurement Practices

When businesses fail to use a clear, systematic, and holistic procurement approach to guide their purchasing decisions and supply needs, they often obtain goods and services that do not meet any or all of their requirements.

The outcomes of a poor procurement strategy includes redundant purchases, waste of money, reduced profits, and a needless amount of conflicts – internally between staff and externally with suppliers as each party debates on who’s at fault for the contractual issues arising.

If poor procurement practices are repeated over and over, the waste of valuable resources (time, money, people and goodwill) can have a very negative impact.

Embed a Strong Procurement Strategy

At Keystone Procurement, we provide technical procurement expertise to both public and private sector buyers. We help them to establish and embed appropriate procurement policies, systems and best practices to:

  • get value for money at all times;
  • increase the cost-effectiveness of procurement;
  • ensure the use of fair and efficient procurement practices;
  • facilitate collaboration where possible to avoid duplication of effort; and,
  • achieve cost-savings through the use of shared experiences and information along with common suppliers.

Benefits of a Procurement Strategy

We help buyers to enhance their procurement strategy, structure, capabilities, and processes. We help them to ensure that the improvements are appropriate to the scale and complexity of their organisation.

Our focus is on identifying where improvements can be made. We also support the buyer in the development and delivery of plans to improve their procurement strategies, policies and procedures.

With our Keystone Procurement consultants supporting your teams, the business stakeholders undertaking procurement planning, development, sourcing and management are positioned to make better strategic decisions and contribute more effectively to the organisation’s business objectives.

Supplying Goods and Services?

Our Keystone Procurement team has years of technical procurement expertise. As a result, we can offer a range of support services to suppliers on how to make the most of their business opportunities. Such services include assisting businesses in responding to invitations to tender from private and public sector companies, and providing practical information and advice to key supplier staff so as to improve the company’s probability of winning tender competitions.

Check out our Bid Management and Procurement Training pages to learn more about how we can help you as a supplier.

Contact us for more information on our procurement strategy services.

Check out our procurement sourcing page to learn more about how we can help you as a buyer. Our company blog contains a large amount of our thought leadership on procurement. We also provide one-on-one mentoring to buyers and suppliers on request.

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A Procurement Strategy Testimonial

What one of our customers has to say about our Procurement Strategy services.

Keystone Procurement have provided advice to ISME members that helped them with their procurement strategy, bidding for tenders, engaging in negotiation with counter-parties and seeking best value from the marketplace. ISME has had an affiliate scheme in place for our members with Keystone Procurement since Q1 2016 to drive value for members that avail of the scheme. Further to this, Keystone Procurement has helped ISME represent SME Ireland on procurement matters and their strategy insight into the area has been of great value to ISME.

Neil McDonnell
Chief Executive, ISME

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