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Sluamor Consortiums is a project of ours that we are very excited about. This is because we believe that SMEs can expand and compete through consortiums and networks. It makes sense for businesses, especially small businesses, in so many ways. As a result we built the online platform, which we launched at the ISME Annual Conference 2017 in Dublin.

Sluamor is dedicated to helping businesses grow sales, identify and exploit joint ventures, and access different sources of funding. It is all about business growth!

Sluamor Consortiums

Use Sluamor Consortiums to:

  • Form alliances: if you are looking to expand by aligning yourself with companies having similar interests. Most importantly, we offer businesses a powerful way to find these connections quickly. Simply pitch an idea or search the list of ideas published by others.
  • Target new markets: if you are looking for companies that can introduce your business to new target markets.  This move could quickly bring more money in for your business. So submit your business idea and we’ll match you with interested parties.
  • Win government work: if you want partners who can help you meet all the requirements to win public sector tenders.

Follow @sluamor on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and news on our journey.

A word of thanks to all who have helped bring Sluamor to life. Above all, we would like to thank all at who have developed the website with us. Exciting times are ahead!


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