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Bid Management

Sustainable growthBid Management

Growth – Building your business strategically

Starting and growing a business is a journey that comes with its challenges. While initiating a business is relatively simple, the real challenge lies in attracting customers, generating profits, and achieving sustainable growth. True success for entrepreneurs comes from building a foundation that can support the growth of their companies…
Donnacha Phelan
16th August 2023
Successful tendersBid Management

Three key features of successful tenders

It takes time to run a tender. Buyers want to see suppliers compete strongly for work. The more vibrant the competitive landscape, the better range of options they have to deliver what they need for their organisation. Suppliers must commit to learning how to bid competitively by developing strong responses…
Ross McCarthy
13th April 2023
Large companies win bidsBid Management

Large companies win bids

An emerging trend in recent years has been how SMEs are succeeding in public procurement processes. There has been substantial change in how often large companies win bids. Increasingly, they are losing market share to smaller businesses, consortiums and specialists. There are steps they can take to defend their market…
Ross McCarthy
9th December 2019
Are public tenders a waste of time?Bid Management

Are public tenders a waste of time?

Business owners often ask us are public tenders a waste of time.? In this post, we are going to tease out this assertion and look into the reasons behind this assertion. Are public tenders a waste of time? Busy business owners prioritise what they focus on and where they place…
Ross McCarthy
20th February 2019
Use tender portals to achieve growth through public procurementBid Management

Tender Portals: Find Irish, UK & EU tenders

Public contracts are a great way of achieving growth for a business. If you want to win more public work, then writing great tenders is key. But just as important is knowing where to find requests for tenders! That is where tender portals, or tenders sites, come in. Public sector…
Donnacha Phelan
11th February 2019
Small businesses can win local public contracts if they know how the system works.Bid Management

Small businesses: How to win public contracts

Its not always easy to win local public contracts. Many small businesses are missing out on the chance to win public sector work in their local communities. I wrote an article for LaoisToday about the great opportunities to win public work in my home county of Laois for those who get to…
Donnacha Phelan
23rd March 2018