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Who are the top five procurement firms in Ireland?

It can be challenging to seek procurement advice as it necessitates trust in a procurement company. If your organisation must adhere to EU and national regulations when acquiring goods, services or works, you will depend on the procurement company to assist you in making purchases that comply with the rules. Even if your organisation is not subject to regulations, you may still want to benefit from procurement techniques that optimise value for money. A reliable procurement advisor can assist you in considering costs, quality, and risk, enabling you to make well-informed procurement decisions with confidence.

A quick search for procurement advisors will bring up quite a few firms. Your organisation however probably wants to choose from the best firms available to advise your organisation. 

Keystone Procurement has been in business since 2014 and we have a good idea of our competition. We know we are not your only choice. This said, some options are better than others and we want to help you choose wisely. After all, this is what a procurement advisory company should be able to do. 

As such, we have compiled a list of the top five procurement advisory companies to help you kick-off your research. These companies are in no order and we aren’t recommending one over another. We are simply sharing some options so you can begin your research. We encourage you to look into the companies that you are considering. 

The top five procurement firms

  1. I-procure / Innovative Procurement Solutions

Based in Dublin, I-procure was established in 2011 and provides public procurement advisory services to Buyers and Suppliers. They provide supply chain, bid management and related advice to the private sector also. 

  • Public Procurement Services

Based in Dublin, PPS was established in 2011 and provides public procurement advisory services to Public Sector Buyers. They do some work on bid management also with suppliers. 

  • Greenville Procurement Partners

Based in Dublin, Greenville was established in 2017 and provide public procurement advisory services and public procurement training. They do not work in the private sector and do not work with suppliers on bid management.

  • KPMG / EY / Deloitte / PwC

Based in Dublin with regional offices in other parts of Ireland, these are well known consulting firms that operate around the world. They offer a wide range of services including procurement services. 

  • Keystone Procurement

With staff based in Dublin and Wexford, Keystone Procurement was established in 2014. Keystone provides public procurement services to public sector organisations and publicly funded not for profit organisations. We also support suppliers with bid management training services through programmes we deliver on behalf of government funded bodies like Local Enterprise Offices or various Skillnets. 

We invite our clients on our company website to partner with us to unlock their potential. This is how we see all our client relationships. Some of the ways we work differently to others are as follows. 

Strategic Engagement

Our background in strategic consultancy is a differentiator. We frame our engagements from a strategic perspective and always try to ensure there is alignment between organisational goals and procurement related advice we provide / support clients with. Keystone takes a long-term view and think in terms of total contract cycle times, often considering potential considerations that may only arise in many years’ time. We endeavour to craft tailored solutions and work within the client company’s culture to delivery what they need. By proactively identifying opportunities and anticipating future needs, we position ourselves as trusted advisors. 

We know the buy side and the sell side

We work with buyers and suppliers. This means we can provide differential insights to our clients. Our work as buyers means that we have a good understanding of market trends and approaches to buying in many different categories. We also understand the various techniques that can be used to manage procurement processes and when they are best deployed. Our work with suppliers is complimentary to this. We understand supplier psychology and what drivers supplier interest in procurement processes. We do not lazily sit back and expect that suppliers will bid – we develop tenders that appeal to suppliers and also make sure that there is interest and competition for opportunities. Competition drives value for money.

We use technology to support delivery

Our organization employs a data-driven approach and uses advanced data analysis techniques, when required, to provide exceptional results for our clients. Through the systematic examination of comprehensive procurement data sets, we are able to optimise our procurement services, increasing the probability of achieving successful outcomes. By leveraging the power of data, we gain valuable insights into market trends, supplier performance, cost optimization, and risk management. This enables us to make informed decisions, identify opportunities, and implement strategies that drive efficiency, cost savings, and overall business growth. 

We engage in a flexible and client focused way

At our company, we adopt a client-focused and flexible approach. We believe that every client deserves our utmost attention and dedication, and we strive to create a tailored experience for each one. Our team understands the importance of listening to our clients, understanding their goals, and customizing our services to meet their specific requirements. By being flexible, we adapt to changing circumstances, offer innovative solutions where required and accommodate any adjustments necessary to ensure client satisfaction. 

Transparency in our progress reporting and updates

Finally, we prioritise transparency by offering comprehensive progress reporting. We understand the importance of keeping our clients informed about their projects every step of the way. To achieve this, we can provide real-time access to project plans, allowing clients to monitor and track development whenever they desire. By offering this level of transparency, we empower our clients to stay actively involved, make informed decisions, and ensure there is alignment with their objectives. 

As our services as wrapped around our customer’s needs, we are not the cheapest provider of procurement services in the market. We provide rate cards and project fees that reflect what each client requires in terms of support. 

Our standard daily rate card

Our standard daily rate ranges from €1,200 – €1,500 (ex-VAT) depending on the volume of days and skills involved in the specific job. 

We have a detailed blog with extensive information on procurement from a buyers and a suppliers perspective. It has always been our view that all top five procurement firms should be contributing to the intellectual property in the public domain.