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Procurement Strategy

DPSPublic Procurement

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)?

In the realm of public procurement within the European Union (EU), Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)  are becoming a workhorse for delivering value for money across the 27 states. In Finland, over 90% of tenders are now done through DPS systems as they digitise their workflows and focus their skilled buyers on…
Ross McCarthy
13th September 2023
Competitive procedure with negotiationProcurement Strategy

How to run a competitive procedure with negotiation in the EU

There are a total of six formal procurement procedures for running EU tender processes using the classic procurement directive. These are: The Open Process, The restricted process The competitive dialogue The innovation partnership The negotiated procedure without market notice The competitive procedure with negotiation This article focuses on the competitive…
Ross McCarthy
2nd August 2023
top five procurement firmsProcurement Strategy

The top five procurement firms in Ireland

Who are the top five procurement firms in Ireland? It can be challenging to seek procurement advice as it necessitates trust in a procurement company. If your organisation must adhere to EU and national regulations when acquiring goods, services or works, you will depend on the procurement company to assist…
Ross McCarthy
18th July 2023
Procurement Strategy

How to run effective supplier review meetings

Decision-makers in organisations should be meeting their suppliers regularly to review their performance in meeting their requirements. Whether things are going well or not, suppliers need to be actively managed to drive high performance. Unless contract managers are holding supplier review meetings with structured plans and goals, they are simply…
Ross McCarthy
21st April 2023
InequalityProcurement Strategy

Why public procurement drives inequality

Recently, I had a conversation with a procurement professional about inequality in the Not for Profit (NFP) sector. They had attended a seminar where there was a view that procurement processes, for their sector, drove inequality in labour outcomes, especially for female workers. It set my mind thinking about this…
Ross McCarthy
7th September 2021
Outsourcing contractsProcurement Strategy

Public procurement and trends in outsourcing contracts

Across the developed world, there is an apparent crisis in high profile procurement contests like outsourcing contracts. From Berlin's zombie airport to prisons contracts to capital works programmes in the health and other sectors, media coverage of procurement has rarely had a¬†higher profile. From Grenfell tower in London to Ireland's…
Ross McCarthy
29th January 2019