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Bid management – how suppliers are evaluated

Bid management is an area many suppliers find difficult. Bid management refers to the process companies have to follow to respond to tenders published/issued by public and/or private organisations using formal processes to buy goods, services, and works from the market. Bid Management Challenges We work with suppliers on a…
Ross McCarthy
3rd July 2018
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What’s in a name? Diversity and Public Procurement

Diversity and Public Procurement In working with a group of SMEs recently, a very interesting question arose around diversity and the use of CVs in tender submissions. The individual in question asked whether submitting CVs that have the names and genders removed was acceptable. It was the first question in…
Ross McCarthy
16th February 2018
Dealing with a Losing Bid - Part 3 Bid Management

Dealing with a losing bid – part 3

In previous posts we have dealt with scenarios where companies have submitted a deficient or defective losing bid and with scenarios where they submitted a good bid and were hoping to be successful. In this bid management posting, we will outline three options for companies seeking to take specific action…
Ross McCarthy
22nd June 2016
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Keystone Column 20 – Public procurement consortiums

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Keystone Column containing business stories that drive the commercial strategy of ambitious companies focused on public procurement consortiums. This week, we examine what changes the newly transposed EU Procurement Directives bring for Irish business, and why public procurement consortiums are gaining new importance. Also,…
Donnacha Phelan
20th May 2016