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Bid Management

Dealing with a losing bid – part 1

It can be hard to accept the submission of losing bids in a procurement process. Independent estimates state that the opportunity cost of submitting a typical bid can be between €2,500 and €5,000 depending on the size and value of the contract. It is easy to see why companies can feel…
Ross McCarthy
29th March 2016
Business Growth

Planning for business growth in 2016

Many businesses are working their way through their plans for 2016 at the moment. From working with businesses and organisations of varying sizes over the past 18 months, we have distilled the main options for most businesses down to seven growth strategies (this is directed at SMEs and micro businesses -…
Ross McCarthy
1st December 2015
Project Management Business GrowthProcurement Sourcing

Project management – from drain to gain

We often help businesses with their project management and project governance. As professionals in project management, reviewing the approach adopted to achieving goals (no project plans, no risk management, no issues log, no clear objectives) presents challenges. The key challenge is to help the business retain its enthusiasm for the project…
Ross McCarthy
30th March 2015
Procurement success Bid Management

Procurement success: winning tenders

From working with businesses, we are aware of the frustration many business owners feel with public tenders and their lack of procurement success. In general, our view is that procurement success should always form part of a company's commercial strategy. It is futile to be excessively fatalistic about tomorrow’s chances based…
Ross McCarthy
2nd January 2015
Supplier relationship management Procurement SourcingProcurement Strategy

Supplier relationship management

Supplier relationship management refers to the formal and informal means by which businesses manage their suppliers. The suppliers each business deals with support the buying organisation in some kind of way that helps them to succeed. Notwithstanding this, not all suppliers are equally important. Businesses need to consider how tactically aware…
Ross McCarthy
5th December 2014