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The Keystone Column no.4 – public procurement and bid management opportunities

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Keystone Column containing commercial views and news of innovative trends and public procurement opportunities. . Business stories A development that we have noticed seems set to be at the heart of tensions between the forthcoming 2014 directives for public procurement and the reality…
Ross McCarthy
29th January 2016
Business Growth

Planning for business growth in 2016

Many businesses are working their way through their plans for 2016 at the moment. From working with businesses and organisations of varying sizes over the past 18 months, we have distilled the main options for most businesses down to seven growth strategies (this is directed at SMEs and micro businesses -…
Ross McCarthy
1st December 2015
Procurement SourcingProcurement Strategy

Major sourcing issues in public and private procurement – lessons and opportunities

Two global super-brands, Volkswagen and Nestlé have been in the news of late highlighting some key issues for purchasers of products in the public and private sectors. While Volkswagen’s travails have been well documented, Nestlé’s proactive admission that they identified instances of forced labour in its seafood supply chain is a development…
Ross McCarthy
30th November 2015