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Ross McCarthy

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Can public procurement contests inspire SMEs?

Can public procurement contests ever be a source of inspiration? This is an important question as many SMEs that I work with have given up on public procurement. It can cost up to €6,000 to bid. They also feel the drive towards national frameworks for product and service supply is…
Ross McCarthy
1st July 2015
Post-tender negotiationProcurement Strategy

Post-tender negotiation in public procurement

As a company that works with businesses on procurement and commercial strategy, some interesting cases have arisen recently with respect to the post-tender negotiation experiences of companies we work with. In some cases, suppliers felt they were subjected to unexpected pressure to cut what they considered to be a very competitive bid…
Ross McCarthy
21st May 2015
Procurement Strategy

Dealing with maverick procurement expenditure

Dealing with maverick procurement expenditure Larger businesses with procurement functions have outlined that maverick expenditure by non-procurmeent personnel is the biggest challenge relating to indirect procurement. There is however no apparent consensus on how to tackle expenditure that is not under the control of the procurement function. There are a…
Ross McCarthy
28th April 2015
Project ManagementProcurement Sourcing

Project management – from drain to gain

We often help businesses with their project management and project governance. As professionals in project management, reviewing the approach adopted to achieving goals (no project plans, no risk management, no issues log, no clear objectives) presents challenges. The key challenge is to help the business retain its enthusiasm for the project…
Ross McCarthy
30th March 2015
Procurement strategyBid Management

Procurement strategy – success in public tenders

The attached slides on procurement strategy provide our view of public procurement in Ireland. Much of this content is applicable in any market where businesses are selling to the public sector (EU and beyond). It stresses how applying a good procurement strategy can lead to success in public tender competitions. The…
Ross McCarthy
29th January 2015
Public Procurement Competition TypesProcurement Strategy

Procurement Competition types

Procurement competition types cause confusion for many businesses. Recent conversations that I have had with business owners and public figures interested in supporting small businesses and helping them grow highlighted a number of issues for me. The issues are: The degree to which procurement competition types are understood; The degree…
Ross McCarthy
8th January 2015